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native_name =  Dildarnagar <br> दिलदॉरनगर <br> دکلدارشہر

|type             = town

|official_name          = Dildarnagar

|native_name            =

|native_name_lang       =

|other_name             = Dildar Nagar Fatehpur Bazar

| settlement_type= {{nowrap|The Fun Town}}

|nickname               =

|subdivision_type1      = [[List of districts of Uttar Pradesh|District]]

|subdivision_name1      = [[:Dildarnagar district|Ghazipur]]

|pushpin_map            = India Uttar pradesh

|pushpin_map_caption    = Location of Dildarnagar in Uttar pradesh

|coordinates_region     = IN-UP

|former_name            = Dildarnagar

|timezone1              = [[Indian Standard Time|IST]]

|utc_offset1            = +05:30

|population_total       = 390,307

|population_as_of       = 2011

|population_density_km2 = 2425

|population_Town        = 390,307

|population_density_km2  = auto

|population_rank        = [[List of most populous Town in Ghazipur|1st]]   

|population_blank1_title= Town rank

|population_blank1      = [[List of million-plus agglomerations in Ghazipur|1st]]  

|population_blank2_title = [[Town area|Town]]  

|population_blank2      = 390,307 ([[List of most populous town areas in ghazipur|1st]])    

|population_demonym     = Dildarnagaran

|blank3_name            = Ethnicity

|blank3_info            = [[Kamsar people|Urdu]], [[Marwaris|Marwari]], [[Bihari people|Bihari]], [[Ethnic communities in Dildarnagar|Other]]

|blank2_name            = [[Languages of India|Spoken languages]]

|blank2_info            = [[Urdu language|Urdu]], [[English language|English]], [[Hindi]], [[Urdu]]

|registration_plate     = up-60

|latd = 25.423199| longd = 83.669815

|locator_position = left

|state_name = Uttar Pradesh

|district = [[Ghazipur district|Ghazipur]]

|skyline                = Dildarnagar.jpg

|skyline_caption        =

|altitude = 100

|population_as_of = 2001

|population_total = 390,307

|timezone1              = [[Indian Standard Time|IST]]

|utc_offset1            = +05:30

|area_magnitude= 2km sq.  

|area_total =  

|area_telephone = 05497 no

|postal_code = 232326

|vehicle_code_range = UP-60

|sex_ratio = male 62% female 38%

| blank1_name_sec2        = [[Climate of India|Climate]]

| blank1_info_sec2        = [[Climatic regions of India|Cfa]] <small>([[Köppen climate classification|Köppen]])</small>

| blank4_name_sec1        = Distance from [[New Delhi]]

| blank4_info_sec1        = {{convert|875|km|mi}} NW ([[Indian highways|land]])

| blank5_name_sec1        = Distance from [[Mumbai]]

| blank5_info_sec1        = {{convert|1660|km|mi}} SW ([[Indian highways|land]])

| blank6_name_sec1        = Distance from [[Chennai]]

| blank6_info_sec1        = {{convert|1925|km|mi}} SE ([[Indian highways|land]])

| blank7_name_sec1        = Distance from [[Kolkata]]

| blank7_info_sec1        = {{convert|673|km|mi}} ([[Indian highways|land]])

|unlocode =

|website = www.dildarnagar.webs.com

|footnotes = Holy City Of Ghazipur



'''Dildarnagar ''' is a town and a [[nagar panchayat]] in [[Ghazipur district]]  of [[Uttar Pradesh]], [[India]]. It is 70 km away from [[Varanasi]] and 20 km from [[Ghazipur]]. Dildarnagar is most famous for its railway yard and its railway colonies. There are about 5 railway colonies. Dildarnagar Railway Division belongs to East Central Railway (ECR) Zone of the Indian Railway. About 125+ passenger trains pass from Dildarnagar Junction. The Divisional Rail Manager (DRM) office of Dildarnagar Division is situated here. At Dildarnagar Junction,  Main Line (delhi-howara)) .it is an important railway junction of the Indian Railways. Once, it enjoyed the position of the railway marshalling yard of uttar pradesh. The Grand Chord section, which starts from delhi, new delhi, via Dildarnagar ,patna and kolkata.


Over the years the city has been subjected to severe electricity shortage owing allegedly to inefficiency and corruption prevalent in the electricity department of the city.


it is regarded as a holy town by the more places like ghazipur,zamania,phooli,gahamar,bhadaura,mircha,rakasaha,usia,kurra,devaitha,etc.


people who came from other place joy and great joy in dashehara festival,diwali,holi,id,bakarid,etc.


Dildarnagar  is most and great favourate place situated between varanasi and patna.


it is one of the oldest continious inhibited town in the uttar pradesh and probably the oldest in ghazipur.

The town is a major market place for surrounding villages. It is situated near the border of neighboring state of Bihar. There are number of trains which pass through Dildarnagar Railway Junction connecting the town to other cities of the country. Usia Khas and Sarahula are nearby railway stations to Dildarnagar Jn, while Mughal Sarai Jn serves to be nearby major railhead to it.

There are several places of interest which can be easily accessible from Dildarnagar.  Sasaram, Sarnath, Rohtasgarh Fort, Varanasi and Jaunpur are some of them. Dildarnagar Railway Junction is served with many trains connecting the town to other cities of the country. Seemanchal Exp (Jogbani (BH)-Delhi), Shramjevi Exp (Delhi-Rajgir), Vibhuti Exp (Howrah-Allahabad), Magadh Exp-Islampur(BH) and Amritsar Exp (Howrah-Amritsar) are some of the trains that pass through Dildarnagar Railway Junction. Besides, several highways connect the town to other parts of Uttar Pradesh and neighboring state of Bihar. Varanasi Airport serves to be the closest airbase to Dildarnagar.



<!-- The section should provide data only from the Dildarnagar area. Not of the entire NCT. -->

{{Main|History of Dildarnagar}}

1-The Name Dildarnagar was established since 1857.


2-In 1880 the Ghazpurahiya train was started from Dildarnagar To Tarighat.


3-Late Jb. Deputy Mohammad Syed Khan sb. gave first educational revolution in Modern Kamsar.


4-Mohammad Syed Khan had always tried uplifting the educational standard of Kamsar-O-Bar throughout his life.


5- In 1938, Syed Khan established Muslim Rajput High School at Dildar Nagar.


6-In 1949, Rajput High school became Muslim Rajput Inter college. Rajput Inter College name got again changed in 1969 and renamed as Syed Kamsar-O-Bar Muslim Inter College, Dildar Nagar (S.K.B.M. Inter Collage, Dildar Nagar).

===History Of A British Officer===

Mirza Dildar Baig was an officer in the British Indian Army in 1857. He participated in the Indian Rebellion of 1857 in Jhelum a city in a part of Punjab which is now in Pakistan. He was arrested and hanged.


Mirza Dildar Baig is also known as Khaki Shah. He was stationed in the Jhelum cantonment in 1857 and was the commander in charge of three pack of the regiment HMXXIV consisting of around 600 soldiers.


With the arrival of news of mutiny in the army, he along with a large group revolted and killed 35 British soldiers on July 7, 1857.


The names of these 35 soldiers are on a lectern present in the St. John's Church Jhelum.


In this battle a British gunner William Connolly won a Victoria Cross.


His attempt failed and he was arrested and hanged at the age of 35. His grave is a shrine in Jhelum.Dildarnagar,a small town in Uttar Pradesh is also named after the martyr.


Mirza Dildar Baig was the son of Mirza Daler Baig and the grandson of Mirza Akmanullah Baig who was a descendant of Abu Taimur.


===History Of A Actor From Dildarnagar===

[[File:Nazir hussain,dildarnagar.jpg|thumb|250px|left|The Pitamah of Bhojpuri cinema]]

Nazir Hussain was concerned with the Indian film and multimedia.He was born on May 15, 1922 in Usian village(Dildarnagar) Uttar Pradesh's Ghazipur district.he is considered as the Pitamah of Bhojpuri cinema. , famous character hero at his time. He was earlier associated with the Azad Hind Fauz set up by Subhas Chandra Bose. He established the "Kamsaar Film" , under the banner of which many hit films in Bhojpuri were produced. He always gave priority to Bhojpuri culture of the district in his film.His nephew Mr. Tahir Hussain is at moment noted film Director and Producer.

While Hussain was busy in the Bombay film industry a meeting with President Rajendra Prasad changed the course of his life. At an awards function, Hussain was introduced to Prasad and after knowing that he hailed from Dildarnagar Ghazipur started speaking in Bhojpuri.


Prasad told Hussain to consider making Bhojpuri films which resulted in the super hit 'Ganga Maiya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo'. Hussain wrote the script for the movie that became a raging hit. The songs were super hit and Hussain himself went on to produce and direct several Bhojpuri films in the 60s and 70s. One of his films Balam Pardesia is considered a landmark in the Bhojpuri film industry. Unlike the Bhojpuri films of today, the films made by Nazir Hussain (and others) revolved around social issues. They tackled the problems of dowry and landless farmers, highlighting the wickedness of cruel zamindars and capitalists.



{{As of|2001}} India [[census]],<ref>{{GR|India}}</ref> Dildarnagar Bazar had a population of 11,409. Males constitute 52% of the population and females 48%. Dildarnagar Bazar has an average literacy rate of 70%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 77% and, female literacy is 63%.16% the population is under 6 years of age. The population is primarily [[Islamic]] or [[Hindu]]



<!-- The section should provide data only from the New Delhi area under NDMC. Not of the entire NCT. -->

{{bar box

|title=Religion in Dildarnagar






{{bar percent|[[Hindus]]|orange|40.2}}

{{bar percent|[[Muslims]]|green|58.8}}

{{bar percent|[[Sikhism|Sikhs]]|yellow|.3}}

{{bar percent|[[Jainism|Jains]]|pink|.1}}

{{bar percent|[[Christians]]|blue|.1}}

{{bar percent|Others†|black|.5}}

|caption=Distribution of religions<br />

†<small>Includes [[Zoroastrian|Parsis]], [[Buddhism|Buddhists]] and [[Judism|Jews]].</small>



[[Muslims]] is the religion of 58.8% of Dildarnagar's population. There are also large communities of Hinduism (40.2%), [[Sikh]]s (.3%), [[Jain]]s (.1%) and Christians (0.1%) in Dildarnagar.<ref>[http://www.censusindiamaps.net/page/Religion_WhizMap1/housemap.htm Censusindiamaps.net]</ref> Other minorities include [[Parsi people|Parsis]], [[Buddhist]]s and Jews.<ref name=Lonelyplanet>{{cite web|publisher=Census of India 2012|url=http://www.censusindia.gov.in/|title=Data on Religion |page=1|accessdate=17 November 2012}}</ref>

Urdu,Hindi and Bhojpuri are the main spoken languages in Dildarnagar.



Religious festivals include [[Diwali]] (the festival of light), [[Maha Shivaratri]], [[Teej]], [[Guru Nanak Jayanti]], [[Baisakhi]], [[Durga Puja]], [[Holi]], [[Lohri]],  [[Eid ul-Fitr]], [[Eid ul-Adha]], Christmas and [[Mahavir Jayanti]].

Other events such as Kite Flying Festival, ''[[Vasant Panchami]]'' (the Spring Festival) are held every year in Dildarnagar.


==Sister and Brother cities==

<!-- The section should provide data only from the Dildarnagar area. Not of the entire. -->

Dildarnagar has six official [[Twin towns and sister and brother cities|sister and brother cities]]


{| class="wikitable"  style="text-align:center; background:white; width:70%;" mce_style="text-align:center; background:white; width:70%;"

|- style="color:white;" mce_style="color:white;"

! ! style="background:#659ec7; width:10%;" mce_style="background:#659ec7; width:10%;"| City

! ! style="background:#659ec7; width:24%;" mce_style="background:#659ec7; width:24%;"| Administrative division

! ! style="background:#659ec7; width:22%;" mce_style="background:#659ec7; width:22%;"| Sovereign state

! ! style="background:#659ec7; width: 5%;" mce_style="background:#659ec7; width: 5%;"| Year


|! ! style="background:lemonchiffon;" mce_style="background:lemonchiffon;"| '''[[Varanasi]]'''

|! ! align=left| [[Cook City, Illinois|Cook City]]

|! ! align=left| {{Flag|India|size=30px}}

|! !| 2001


|! ! style="background:lemonchiffon;" mce_style="background:lemonchiffon;"| '''[[Mughalsarai]]'''

|! ! align=left| [[King Of Railway]]

|! ! align=left| {{Flag|India|size=30px}}

|! !| 2001


|! ! style="background:lemonchiffon;" mce_style="background:lemonchiffon;"| '''[[Patna]]'''

|! ! align=left|  [[Patna]] and [[City of patna]]

|! ! align=left| {{Flag|India|size=30px}}

|! !| 2002


|! ! style="background:lemonchiffon;" mce_style="background:lemonchiffon;"| '''[[Ghazipur]]'''

|! ! align=left| [[Fun District]]

|! ! align=left| {{Flag|India|size=30px}}

|! !| 2002


|! ! style="background:lemonchiffon;" mce_style="background:lemonchiffon;"| '''[[Buxar]]'''

|! ! align=left| [[Western District of Bihar]]

|! ! align=left| {{Flag|India|size=30px}}

|! !| 2002


|! ! style="background:lemonchiffon;" mce_style="background:lemonchiffon;"| '''[[Zamania]]'''

|! ! align=left| [[Town of Tehsil|Tehsil]]

|! ! align=left| {{Flag|India|size=30px}}

|! !| 2000







{{Ghazipur district}}


[[Category:Cities and towns in Ghazipur district]]


==External links==


* [https://madhavrai.blogspot.in/2009_12_01_archive.html]''Dildarnagar Story''

* {{dmoz|Regional/Asia/India/Uttar_Pradesh/Localities/Dildarnagar/}}

* {{Wikitravel}}

* [http://www.brandbihar.com/hindi/literature/preamchand/premchand_khudi.html] ''Dildarnagar Story'' entry



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[[Category:Populated places established in 1857]]


[[bpy:দালদারনগর ফতেহপুর বাজার]]

[[it:Dildarnagar Fatehpur Bazar]]

[[new:दिल्दारनगर फतेहपुर बजार]]

[[pl:Dildarnagar Fatehpur Bazar]]

[[pt:Dildarnagar Fatehpur Bazar]]

[[vi:Dildarnagar Fatehpur Bazar]]


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